If your going through some &*%# in your life chances are somebody else has gone through the same thing before ya. And they’ve written about it. Some poet or philosopher has been through the same type of *&^%, and they’ve written about it. And when you find that poem or piece of writing. You think bloody hell this bastard has just summed it all up. It’s kinda comforting. Know what I mean?

Movie: Two Hands

— Introduction —

A curator and a patron stand in an art gallery.

There are two paintings on the wall:

One has a beautiful blue horse running fast through dreary grey backdrop.

One is a complex scene, it is of the world, with many complex interactions and activities.

The patron asks if the curator can explain the art.

The curator says:

“I think any work, for an artist, comes through to them, as a single thought of inspiration. The best artworks are simple like the painting of the horse, the complex one is really just a collection of smaller simpler elements, confusing as a whole. ”


“The imagination of the soul is like that, full of pre conceived notions, based on experience.”


“Your souls imagination could help you to convey just about any meaning from the paintings. I like to take a step back, think, empty my mind, remove pre conceived bias of experience, seek clarity, and try to think if I can see the original source of inspiration.”

The curator continues pointing to the painting of the horse:

“Here I see a beautiful living horse, not superficially beautiful but the ghost of a beautiful soul, who wants to punch free of it’s dreary grey background with envelops it.”

Next he points to the complex painting of the world:

“I think if you took the horse and put it into this picture it would have the same compulsion.”


Song: Schism, Artist: Tool


Song: Dust In The Wind, Artist: Kansas

Song: Society, Artist: Eddie Vedder

Song: Fake Plastic Trees, Artist: Radiohead

Song: Another Brick In the Wall, Artist: Pink Floyd

🎥 Movie: The Matrix 🎥

♫ Song: Carry on my wayward sun, Artist: Kansas ♫

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Higgs Boson Blues

♫ Song: Welcome To The Machine, Artist: Pink Floyd ♫

Fighting The Devil

Song: Monkey Wrench, Artist: Foo Fighters

The Black Horse

📖 Book: Needful Things, Author: Steven King 📖


Song: Psalm 124, Artist: Unknown
Song: We call upon the author, Artist: Nick Cave
Song: High Hopes, Artist: Pink Floyd

The God of This World

♫ Song: Pretender, Artist: Foo Fighters ♫
♫ Song: Don’t Give Up On Me Now, Artist: Ben Harper ♫
♫ Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand ♫

♫ Song: Sad But True, Artist: Metallica ♫
♫ Song: Sympathy For The Devil, Artist: Rolling Stones ♫

—– Songs/Poems —–

Song: Power of The Gospel, Artist: Ben Harper

📖 Book: The Picture of Dorian Grey, Author: Oscar Wilde 📖
– The wages of Sin is death. –

Original Ba Ba Black Sheep from 1744:
Bah, Bah, a black Sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes merry I have,
Three bags full,
Two for my master,
One for my dame,
None for the little boy
That cries in the lane

:: Going home ::

♫ Song: O’Children, Artist: Nick Cave ♫

Song: Maybe Tomorrow, Artist: Sterophonics

Song: High Hopes, Artist: Pink Floyd

Song: Stairway To Heaven, Artist: Led Zepellin

Song: Sorrow, Artist: Bad Religion


♫ Song: Sing, Artist: Dresden Dolls ♫


♫ Song: Magneto, Artist: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ♫

The Way

♫ Song: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Artist: Pink Floyd ♫
♫ Song: Friend Of Mine, Artist: The Screaming Jets ♫


♫ Song: Wearing the Inside Out, Artist: Pink Floyd ♫
♫ Song: The Sound Of Silence, Artist: Simon & Garfunkel ♫
♫ Song: A Take Away Show Lyrics, Artist: The Dø ♫
♫ Song: In a Memory, Artist: The Butterfly Effect ♫

Teaching Others

♫ Song: Lost For Words, Artist: Pink Floyd ♫