Thou Shalt Not Steal

Irregardless of your own laws we are going to take your land.
If you break our laws surely you will hang.
You will work your life like a convict, chained neck and hand.

They say thou shalt not steal.

With your science and technology you went and made a nuclear bomb. If you think that’s progress your reasoning is unsound. Some found out long ago that you need to keep it in the ground.

We will civilise your barbaric lives.

They say thou shall not steal.

Your history couldn’t hide the genocide. The hypocrisy is real. Didn’t Jesus say that you are supposed to give your friends a better deal?

Race is a contradiction understood by mostly none when the left hand holds a bible and the right hand holds a gun.

They say thou shall not steal.

Kev Carmody – Thous Shalt Not Steal

John Butler Trio – Thous Shalt Not Steal (Cover)

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