God of This World

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The devil is the great deceiver.

No one can know all things, and all the ways of the devil and his demons on this evil planet, because of this deceptive soul inside. “Satan, which deceiveth the whole world, (Rev 12:9) was perfect in his ways from the day he was created, till iniquity was found in him.” (Ezekiel 28:15) Satan was not only perfect, but “full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.” (Ezekiel 28:12) That is why we need the help of the Father who is pure good, who cannot tell a lie, to reveal the truth to us.

“No marvel, for Satan himself can transform into an angel of light: he deceiveth the whole world.” (2Cor 11:14, Rev 12:9)

The enemy of God, Satan, is not willing that the truth should be clearly presented; for he knows that if the people receive it fully, and apply it, his forms of deception will be revealed and his power over you broken. If Satan can, he will obilerate this gospel from your mind; he will do whatever it takes. He will cloud your mind with doubt and disbelief. He will use your friends and family members against you. If he can just darken this light a little, he can lead you away.

Satan, LORD God and the Serpent in the Garden of Eden are all one and the same: a great deceiver. You see, Satan brought his followers into the “Trap” to help thwart the efforts of the Fallen angels who want to return home. And so God sends his messengers to correct things and provide an opportunity for the fallen angels who want to return home, so they can return home.

However, just as the serpent beguiled Eve through subtlety and deception, so too can our minds become corrupted from the simplicity that is in the teachings of Jesus, and the words of the bridegroom may not be understood, for by sorceries are all the people in all the nations deceived; “Satan deceiveth the whole world”.

1. Satan questions God’s Word.
2. Satan implies or says that God is a deceiver, a liar.
3. Satan casts his lies as the truth.

The Wicked One is a well documented sadist who holds us in the slavery of ignorance, punishing anyone who does not obey, conform and behave. He is the destroyer, posing as God. Where we read of death and destruction in holy writings we read of the Wicked One; a murderer from the beginning. He stands against the Living God and the pursuit of truth. The Wicked one demands that we believe everything he tells us, without question, and that we do everything he says, that we obey. It is the Wicked One which pollutes our scriptures with ideas of punishment and torturer, of death and destruction, of burning in hell forever; the Wicked One is LORD God. He pollutes our souls with fear such that we cannot receive what the Father of love wants to reveal.

The devil rules the world.

Jesus plainly tells us that Satan is the “god,” the ruler of this world. That Satan has control over all those in high places. (How else could he offer Jesus the whole world and all the nations therein?)

Long ago, way before Jesus’ time, Satan had established a political and religious system around the world, headed by loyal fallen angels under his control. These sons of the Wicked One were sown among the sons of God; walking among us with a pious outer appearance (not as humble little children). – Matthew 13:37-43

These “followers of Cain,” lode men with burdens grievous to be borne; they build the sephechures of the prophets whom their fathers murdered. They have taken away “the Keys of Knowledge.” And because of their continued unrighteousness they cannot return home, and neither do they want you to return home: so they hinder any progress. (Lk 11:47,52)

The devil demands blood sacrifice.

The leaders of this world love darkness rather than light, and their evil fruit bare witness to their evil deeds(pretending and doing a little good while doing great evil). Down here the Evil One commands adoration, worship and blood sacrifice, especially the “little ones” – and he gets it!

The Old Testament, the Hebrew scriptures, is full of murder, torture, vengeance, hatred, death and destruction, animal and human sacrifice, and blood rituals and sacrifice to please Lord God. Lord God required Israel to sanctify things under the old covenant with blood.(Heb 9:18-22) He required a high priest before him once a year, with blood.(Heb 9:7 & Lev 16:1-34) Lord God’s religion required blood. (Prov 16:4 & 1Kings 18:26-28)

The Wicked One brings together opposing forces and provides crude instruments in an effort to promote the most violent mode of conflict; keeping both sides somewhat balanced so it can maintain the violence as long as possible. He loves the “atrocities of war”, created by affecting men’s brainwaves so they are changed into a state of paranoid behaviour where they lose control: i.e. they can no longer control their actions. (It’s them or us. We’re out to even the score; vendettas. They sware on the graves to avenge the murder; those filthy butchers; a fight to the death.)

The Empire of the times always sees themselves as the most powerful nation on Earth. It becomes very unsettling when they rediscover the Wicked One’s deception that the sum of the pieces is greater than the whole.

The devil tempts us all.

1.) He, the Evil One, directly approaches and tempts us.
2.) He controls and uses the evil soul within us to tempt us.
3.) He uses the evil souls of others to tempt us.

Worldly desires and possessions scream at us; another temptation is always “just around the corner”. Temptations are powerful and come in a unique way, at just the right moment, when we are off-guard, to trip us up and we fall on our face. The Evil One tempts us to become disappointed that we failed again, discouraged, that it is hopeless, doubting that we can’t do it, no one can.

The Evil One has a warehouse of temptations unique to each one of us, stored within our soul, which he can command at the speed of light. “Wherefore think you evil in your mind? Out of the heart(soul) proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, cowardice, lies, false witness, revenge, laziness, blasphemes, pride, foolishness, deceit, boasters, lasciviousness, covetousness, backbiters, an evil eye, wickedness, unforgiving, injustice, unmerciful, haters of God, and a host of other evil things.”

Submit yourself to God; resist the Evil One and draw nigh unto God. Call on Jesus; he is able to help his struggling people (Heb 2:18). For in that he himself had suffered being tempted, he is able to help them who are tempted. “Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

And the Evil One took Jesus, “whether in the body or out of the body we do not know”, up into the holy city, and later up into an exceedingly high mountain. (Mtt 4:1-10) Yes, the Evil One personally made these temptations to Jesus, after thirty-nine days of tempting Jesus through his soul.

The Three Temptations:
1.) turn stones into bread
2.) cast himself down from a great height; for it is written God will protect him
3.)worship the Evil One and receive all the kingdoms of this world and their glory

And how did Jesus respond? Jesus doesn’t engage the Evil One in conversation, debate or argument; Jesus quotes The Word of God – he quotes scripture. He uses the Sword of the Spirit of Truth, and the Evil One “leaves him alone for a season”.

1.) Temptation One Response – Deut 8:3
2.) Temptation Two Response – Deut 6:16
3.) Temptation Three Response – Deut 5:6-7

Satan knows the Bible, just as he knows every religious and spiritual book, cover to cover, because he has access to everything through the souls of men. He knows the Bible, word for word, and can quote it against you just like he tried against Jesus in the wilderness when he quoted Psalms 91:11-12, leaving out “in all your ways.”

Yes, Satan tried to temp Jesus in all the areas he temps us today; physical needs and wants, pride and ego, anger and hatred, greed and attachments. And as Jesus demonstrated, we are not to fight against Satan, we just quote the righteous Word of God back at him and he leaves – “for a little season.”

When tempted or confronted by Satan, Jesus did not reason, argue, defend or confront, Jesus quoted Scripture and Satan left him alone for a little while. Satan does not want to hear the Word of God.

Every one is tempted by his or her own soul. Every one is tempted by Satan, “who walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”(1Pet 5:8) Satan is the ruler of the bottomless pit: down here he IS god. Satan’s name in the Hebrew language is Adadden, which means, “the one who exterminates and destroys”. Satan is the devil and he has the power of death. (Rev 9:11, Acts 2:14)

Jesus was fighting the Wicked One and his child, and the evils souls in people, even in his closest disciples, every moment of every day, right up until the end when the “bloodlust” took his earthly form.

The devil is hard wired to us all through the soul.

The Lizard is connected to each one of us through the soul inside and each soul is an archetype of the Lizard containing witchcraft, wicked sacrifices, murderers of children, devourers of men’s flesh, feasts of blood and the phenomena of majick. He gives his followers the image of freedom (arrogance) creating a false sense of superiority, when in fact, there is no freedom as all are controlled by the Lizard’s souls of good and evil.

Yes the Lizard demands loyalty without question, and punishes every violation. No person or group of people can fight against the Lizard because he is too powerful. From the beginning, until now, and on into the future, without exception, regardless of how clever, educated or cunning we may think we are, we are helpless prisoners under the satanic control of the Lizard, unable to escape by any power or wisdom of our own.

The Lizard is connected to each one of us through the soul inside and each soul is an archetype of the Lizard containing witchcraft, wicked sacrifices, murderers of children, devourers of men’s flesh, feasts of blood and the phenomena of majick. He gives his followers the image of freedom (arrogance) creating a false sense of superiority, when in fact, there is no freedom as all are controlled by the Lizard’s souls of good and evil.

We cannot reason with Satan, nor can we safely converse with him, as Eve found out. However, as Jesus demonstrated, Satan can be “resisted.” (James 4:7) Therefore, “resist the devil;” (1Peter 5:6-9, Eph 6:10:18) muster up your WILL and quote scripture at those wrong thoughts he slides into your mind.

We suffer because we are living in Satan’s evil world of death. Satan is “the god of this world.”(2Cor 4:4) People suffer because of Satan and his evil soul within them. And because sin reigns in the souls of men, “the imagination of a man’s heart is evil from his youth”(Gen 8:21) We reap what we sow because the whole world lieth in wickedness. (Gal 6:7-9, 1James 5:19)

The Wicked One “seeds” the souls of all who enter into this world to produce evil in a variety of forms: murderers, whoremongers, sorcerers, idolaters, thieves, robbers, liars … a diverse number of lawless, disobedient and ungodly souls. We are all prisoners here of the Wicked One. We all have some “evil seed” inside – NONE ARE GOOD.

The Wicked One is composed of pure energy; pure thought; he is totally incorporeal. History reveals he has a far superior intelligence, with a purpose. He is capable of manipulating matter and minds; imagination and emotion are a constant source of deception for the devil. Soul psychology and combat capabilities have been honed by the Wicked One who has designs on both powers. The soul acts as a catalyst, creating situations in order to satisfy the Wicked One’s appetite.

This is how Satan works: he starts by filling our souls with lies which then infect our righteous minds; then he uses us and those around us to further infect each others’ minds; he leads us astray with twisted logic and reason – justification through rationalization.

The living God is not here.

Do you understand what “resurrection from the dead” means? Do you know what God is and is not? God is not the god of the dead, the god of this world. The Living God is not here!

Does this not answer all those puzzling questions, like, “Why would God allow such a terrible thing to happen?” God is not here. God is the God of the Living, not the god of the dead, not the god of this world. Not understanding this we do greatly err.

God does not allow suffering; God is Love. Suffering is a part of this creation; built into the design of this evil creation of Satan’s. “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, vengeance is mine saith Satan. I will have blood sacrifice!”

The Living God vs the God of this world.

Living God

  • Eloi

  • the most High

  • Father

  • God of Other Earth

  • All People

  • Friends

  • Truth

  • Love & Peace

  • Angels Minister

  • Sends the Prophets

  • Restores

  • Forgives

  • Gentle

  • Free Choice

  • You are the Temple

God of This World

  • Morning Star

  • the only god

  • ruler

  • god of this earth

  • chosen ones

  • servants

  • lies

  • death

  • jealousy & vengeance

  • angels(gods) destroy

  • slays the Prophets

  • makes desolate

  • strong handed

  • commands/obey

  • requires earthly structures

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