Revelation / Prayer

Notes from:

Knock And Seek.

You will find that if you close the door of your mind to the earthly things of life, detach from the soul and step into the SILENCE of your mind, that you can commune with God. You are the one to make the choice. Seek ye the knowledge of God. Wait not. You can receive the knowledge and truth of Other Earth while here in the physical temple. Friends of earth, people of the world, the choice is yours.

Thy hardened and impenitent soul has treasured up wrath against revelation and the righteous judgment of God. For God shall show you the good and evil in that soul which is being used to control you; how the soul uses lusts against the mind, and that when the mind fights against the soul the mind falters because it cannot do the righteousness that it would do. However, with God all things are possible and thus the need to Pray always: connect and stay connected to the Father. Remember, seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all things shall be added unto you.

Righteousness can be achieved with help from God.

We must come to understand the teachings of Jesus through the revelations of God: (Rom 3:11) for righteous judgment of God comes through revelation. (Rom 2:5) We must come to the Way of Righteousness; for being made free from sin, we become the servants of righteousness. (Rom 6:18)

Strive daily to keep God at the core of who you are; mind. You are mind from Mind, created in the images of God the Father, so look to God and trust him. (Proverbs 3:5-6) God will do what he says he will do. (2Cor 1:20, Joshua 21:45, Psalm 77:8, 2Peter 1:4)

Call upon the Father to help; call with all your mind; ask that he sends you the revelations you need to eventually overcome the soul.

For it is not in the reading of the truth, nor in the talking of the truth by which we are saved, but it is in the “doing” of the truth, the “applying” of the truth to one’s self by which we are saved. Put the truth into practice and “work out your own salvation” by doing, changing and becoming born again. Call on God for revelations: for whosoever is born again of God’s righteousness, overcometh this world. Follow in the Way Jesus demonstrated. Ask for help that he delivers us from this evil world. DO what Jesus did, and you will be where he is.

Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Except a man Be born of water and Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. You must Be born again! Repent, and be converted that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord. Repent of thy wickedness, and pray God, that the thoughts of thine heart (soul) may be forgiven thee. You cannot Be justified by the law of Moses. God Be merciful to me, a sinner.

By watching and praying, when you fail, and fail you will as there is a learning curve, the Father will be there to pull you back up and reveal “What just happened?” The Father will reveal the deception and the gateway the serpent used to gain access into our mind. “Submit your self to God; resist the devil and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7)
Ask the Father to forgive you as you are in the process of forgiving others, for they know not what they do either. Ask the Father to make you a shepherd down here, to help find the other seekers who are seeking and ready to return home.

Yes, we are powerless to save ourselves without God’s help, and anyone who has tried to go it alone can attest to this fact. “We are saved, not of ourselves, it is the gift of God: not of works, least any man should boast.” (Eph 2:8-9)

Returning to Life everlasting in heaven is such an amazing gift; this is God’s gift to us, and there is nothing we can do on our own to return. (Eph 2:8) “And this is how much God loves us; that he sent his Son, so that everyone who believes on his teachings will not perish but have eternal Life.” (John 3:16)

This is your Father, your real Father; Why are you afraid? He is a loving, forgiving Father of righteousness. Approach him as a little child would approach his father after s-he had done something wrong and needs help. The Father is a Living God of Love and Peace: your sins are forgiven, connect with the Father and sin no more.

Do not ask for anything.

True expectations can only come from knowing, from personal, direct, first-hand experience with revelation from the Living God, God the Father. “God knows what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.” (Mtt 6:8) So expect God to know what you need, not what you want.

When it comes to expectations, expect nothing: after all, how can one expect something you know little or nothing about.

Draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you: Knock; which means to call on God for help. Seek; which means to be serious in your desire and intent. Ask; which means what you ask for is based on the fact that you realize, “God knows what you have need of before you can ask”.

Each experience is unique.

Do not read other peoples’ experiences and expect you should or will have the same experiences. Other peoples’ experiences are just that, “other peoples”. Your experiences will be unique to you, so don’t let the soul dream up expectations for you. God is in charge of your “gestation period” before you can be born again. God knows what you need, and when you need it.

Each person’s gestation period is different because we are each on our own path. (Gestation: the development of something over a period of time.) So don’t expect to be changing faster, or slower, or when will it be finished, but above all, DO NOT EXPECT that you can just sit back, wait, believe and DO nothing, and God will do all the work for you. You have to learn AND APPLY these teachings of Jesus to your self – then God will see your EFFORTS and help will be sent.

Be not afraid. Each time you receive a revelation of truth, it’s like you are being born again, little by little, into a new Life. Even with all the inner and outer pressures pressing on your mind to give up, you know you must press on, learning as much as you can about your soul from your own personal experiences. If your mind is going to rule over the soul’s wiles, and banish it back to the pit below, you are going to have to DO SOMETHING and stop the forever reading and never ending questions of soul.

No one has ever entered the Kingdom of God through memory work, encouragement, persuasion, argument, inducement, excitement, attraction or any power of the soul. Entry is only attained by hard work, long hard work, and revelation quickening their mind (becoming born again into the service of God). It’s a process and an experience each one of us must go through on our own if we want to return back home to Other Earth. Remember, (“work out your own salvation”).

God can reveal hidden truths to seekers.

God says, “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known. No good thing does God withhold from those who walk upright.” (Jeremiah 33:3, Psalm 84:11)

Put on your helmet of right thinking. Pick up your double-edged sword and slay he dragon’s thoughts of good and evil. Use your shield of knowledge to protect your self from your soul and other souls. Put on the whole armour of God and fight the soul for Life. Call upon God for the revelation of understanding.

There is a rebirth that comes from applying, changing and overcoming. Then there is a deceptive false image of rebirth that comes from reading, remembering and talking; it has the belief of being born again, but it’s just talk without taking the action of change, and so the person never experiences the truth of the word as can be received through revelation.

In the other hand hold high the shield of revelation to protect you against the fiery darts of those other souls’ nay sayings.

Once again, the process of becoming spiritual takes time. It’s not fast and it’s not easy or everyone would be spiritual. That’s the purpose of the Grand Design: when you are truly a seeker, and you are ready, your eyes will be opened, and not before. Granted that some people genuinely want to follow God’s way, but they have only earthly knowledge and thus the earthly thoughts from their soul register in their minds and rule over them: for without “revelation” the mind lacks the awareness of who it is, where it is, and why it’s here. Without revelation we walk blindly in unsubstantiated faith that falters with the next attack of soul: the blind leading the blind.

Strengthen your Will by applying this knowledge to yourself. God is the source of all Spiritual knowledge and understanding through Revelation. Call on God to reveal the proper understanding to your mind. Apply that knowledge and understanding to make the necessary changes to become born again of a Righteous mind: living the right way, doing God’s Will, doing love, doing forgiveness, doing humility – not following after the guile and wiles of Satan and his soul of evil.

Knowledge alone cannot awaken the hypnotized mind. In the awakening of the mind it is a gift from above. That is why one must struggle (seek), praying for revelation with faith (knock), and most important, be childlike and Do love. Basically it is one’s persistent effort to find the truth, plus our sincere and honest desire to want to help, which draws revelations from the Father (you probably have received revelations before but didn’t know what the experience was).

One cannot know exactly what’s going to happen, as we sit reading and thinking on this side of the veil. In order to fully comprehend, we need to live it: superstitions and rationalisms are worthless. We need to live it and receive the sparks of revelation that can immediately illuminate a reality in us in a millionth of a second as we apprehend the truth. Always remember, results – doing something, is what counts; reading, thinking and asking questions about something does nothing to bring about change.