The Food of This World

You can’t feed the lost sheep with the food of this world.
Rabbit holes, pitfalls and traps leading into temporal pursuits abound.
Rabbit holes open up and expose further nested rabbit holes and one could stumble endlessly.

Scientific endeavours are only scratching the surface but they are  scratching the surface of an infinite thread; so will always be scratching the surface.

Letting go of temporal pursuits is difficult. In one instance one could safely continue to participate in the temporal activities of the world should they not have an attachment to them but this is a slippery slope. Also remember the parable of the dishonest manager. Here Jesus explained not to be dishonest but that using temporal skills to generate good will was wise.

But this is a dead world and most everything becomes corrupted.
Save your gifts for the kingdom of God. Creative expression might communicate the message of the gospels best. Creative works that embody love and the message of the Gospels will resonate. So producing these could be the best interaction with the temporal world.

Attachment to the world will only enable the devil and keep you from the Kingdom of God.

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