The Hand Of God

Someone came to me and said “I am the very hand of God. Personified and representing the law, the law of God , for I am the Hand of God”.

“Can you, as a poetic, creative type, express the law as a poem?” “And also, it is very important that you don’t go and write your own fable.”

I did not know what the law of God was or how that could be personified, so I thought to myself, how could that be expressed, and, after some time the inspiration came to me.

This for me was a moment of clarity, and a pivotal moment, a key stepping stone for me to move from a somewhat carnal animal state into a more enlightened one. Working on calibrating and fine tuning myself to be in tune with Gods law and plans for the world… so far as one can.

I wrote the poem out into a few paragraphs that were simple, and only a model of the fulness of God’s law. Yet it was clear, concise and used modern idioms. It could be read and understood by a child.

The poem itself inspired another poem. A poem which I call:

A poem about a poem about the law

Although I certainly was able,
They said I couldn’t go write my own fable.

I looked for a way to make the law poetic
and I didn’t need an apologetic.

I saw no need to evangelise
that which had already been emphasised.